• Private
  • Conglomerate
  • 1999-2016
- (Rotating)
  • Mar. 01, '15
    - Sep. 30, '20
    Palo Alto, CA, USA
Area served
  • Worldwide
Key people
  • Agri & Aquaculture

  • Communication | Media

  • Financial | Facilities

  • Transportation  

  • Aerospace | Energy

  • Technology | Internet

  • Biotechnology

  • Life sciences  

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For; to (do)

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Independent, family controlled, and built on family capitalism.

Whatever the Need, Want, or Desire, we are (t)here for NO ONE in particular, BUT EVERYONE; EVERY CREATURE, in general.

- Birri


Birri Business


Birri has done this for many years. We Plan. We Prepare. We make ready. For You, and Yours.

Projects Planned

Planning News

13 July 2019

Customer Loyalty Program

Birri's For; to (do) subsidiary plans a customer loyalty service via its' own Bag of goodies subsidiary, available to every For; to (do) registered user.

Planning News

02 February 2020

2020 - 2022 Initiative

Birri's For; to (do) entity initiates its "2020 - 2022 Initiative" - from January of 2020 through, December of 2022. Over this two year period it plans to 1), Ramp-up the Products and Services it offers. And 2), it plans to come out of Stealth.


We consider the present, as we work towards (Y)OUR future. Now, and forever more. - The Birri Group

Projects under Development

Development News

13 July 2019

Ride Share Service

Birri's TraNet'te subsidiary plans to come out of stealth with the launch of its "Ride Share" service - Getzigo


Maintaining, and keeping up with the times. Birri is like Water - Ever changing - Never the same.

Projects under our Administration

Administration News

13 July 2019

Nothing yet to share

Birri has no new news on current projects under administration.